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Types GFR, GFRN are roller type freewheels. These units are part of the Stieber modular system. They are bearing supported, using two 160.. series bearings, and require oil lubrication. These units may be used in designs providing oil lubrication and sealing as on the example overleaf. The bearings must not be axially stressed.

Typically, types GFR and GFRN are used with the F series covers that are designed to transmit torque, and provide oil lubrication and sealing. Usually these covers are used in pairs according to combinations shown on the below technical data pages. The outer race of the GFR model is plain to receive and center any component bored to H7* tolerance.

Torque is transmitted by bolts through the cover plate in this case. Types GFR, GFRN are identical except that type GFRN has a keyway on the outside diameter to transmit the torque. Two paper seals are delivered with each unit to be placed between the outer race and cover plates.

*These data refer to the indications in the product data sheet attached below (on page 2).

Stieber GFR and GFRN
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