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Reliable Spring-Loaded Electromagnetic Double-Face Brake. Holding and Working brake for nearly all industrial applications. As well on harbour and marine cranes, in container transportation plant, for long travel drives, hoisting and trolley travel gears, suitable for seawater environment and similar harsh environments.

    • Braking torque range 20 - 10,000 Nm
    • Degree of protection up to IP66
    • All components with special surface protection
    • Type approval: DNVGL
    • Simple mounting, no brake disassembly required
    • Robust, reliable design with low inertia
    • Braking does not generate any additional axial or radial forces.
    • Excellent heat dissipation
    • Wide range of options like tachometer mounting, terminal box, anti-condensation heater, micro-switches to monitor switching states and/or wear indication
    • Rectifiers and quick switching units to optimize switching comfort available customization possible on request
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