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T20 Series Disc Brake Caliper

The standard Twiflex T20 disc brake caliper is split caliper design suitable for use with a minimum disc thickness of 12.7mm. Optionally, the caliper may be supplied in a modified form for use with a minimum disc thickness of 8mm. Normally the brake is side mounted, however, for use with a disc thickness greater than 20mm, the split design allows the modules to be mounted each side of a central mounting plate of the same thickness as the brake disc. Minimum disc diameter is 300mm.

Normally one or two calipers are used per disc, but the number may be increased depending on disc size. The brakes may be positioned at any angle around the periphery of the disc. A range of brake discs is available from Twiflex (see Disc and Hub Assemblies).

The ratings shown on the graph are based on fully bedded in and conditioned brake pads with a nominal friction coefficient μ = 0.4. Twiflex disc brakes must be used with Twiflex asbestos free brake pads. Effective disc radius = actual radius (m) – 0.032m.

T20 Series Direct Acting Disc Brake Caliper
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