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118VM Topdrive Plate Brake

The Wichita “VM” brake is a hydraulic pressure applied, single-plate unit designed for high energy dynamic stops, and parking, in vertical-shaft mounted applications. It is intended to install on the upper end of a topdrive motor.

It features a sealed piston holding plate to protect against the ingress of dirt and moisture, when fitted with a sealed cover, or may accommodate a speed encoder in the same location.

Wichita Clutch 118VM Brake
    • Designed for ATEX Zone 1 CAT II, Gas B, T3
    • 140 bar (2030 psi) operating pressure generates 12.0 kNm (8850 lbft) dynamic torque
    • Ambient operating range from -45°C to +55°C (-49°F to 131°F)
    • Maximum disengaged speed of 3000 rpm
    • Maximum engaging speed of 1500 rpm
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