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wcbAM Water Cooled Brakes

Water-cooled brakes designed for direct replacement of WCB style brakes.

The wcbAM is a new, version of our popular AquaMaKKs® water-cooled brakes. All water jackets, including the float, center and back plate, feature Wichita's unique patented water channeled design. This provides greater heat dissipation compared to similar sized competitive units.

The models feature a newly-designed, lightweight, corrosion resistant aluminum actuator head. Additionally, the water ports can be tailored as NPT or ORB style ports at customers discretion.

wichita clutch wcbam water cooled
    • wcbAM Water Cooled Brakes are available in 24" & 36" sizes
    • Improved channeled water flow – achieved via groove designed into jacket providing enhanced cooling capacity
    • Water jacket assemblies are interchangeable with competitors' parts
    • Standard or Marine grade environmental protection options available to the customer
    • Pneumatic and hydraulic actuations available
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