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AirMaKKs SSB Brakes

Air Cooled, Spring-Set Air Release Brake

The AirMaKKs SSB is designed to provide low speed braking assistance in applications including conveyors, cranes and drawworks where they serve as a main brake that provides both parking and E-stop braking functions.

AirMaKKs SSB models utilize the basic, easy-to-maintain, pin-style, modular design of AquaMaKKs including the brake housing with torque plates installed instead of water jackets. Models are available in the 19, 25, 36 & 48 inch AquaMaKKs sizes.

Wichita Clutch AirMakks SSB Brakes
    • Air cooled, spring-set air tube release high torque brake
    • Marine version designed to withstand the highly corrosive environment of an offshore deck area where sea spray and direct seawater splash is prevalent
    • Three-part epoxy marine grade paint and engineered corrosion resistant coatings for added protection on offshore rig applications
    • Utilizes basic AquaMakks brake case with torque plates installed instead of water jackets
    • Optional Stainless Steel torque plates can be added to the AirMaKKs SSB Brakes for marine deck applications where sea spray and direct seawater splash are prevalent.
    • Available in the 19,25, 36 & 48 inch sizes
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