Power Transmission Solutions for Marine and Offshore Oil & Gas

Jaure Gear Coupling (MTX-132)

Jaure® marine style gear couplings have been operating for years in a variety of applications such as main propulsion & maneuvering of vessels, dredging including underwater use fire fighting pumps, winches, etc.

The Jaure MT couplings can be also delivered on demand with type 3.2 Inspection. Certificate of any marine classification society.

We are additionally awarded with the Manufacturing Survey Arrangement – MSA from DNV. The MSA certificate shows our commitment to continuously improve the service and response time to our customers and remain competitive in the market place.

Jaure Gear Coupling MTX-132
    • Jaure® couplings offer maximum torque capacity. This is due to the optimum pitch diameter of the gears, providing reliability.
    • High permissible hub bore allows more favorable size selection of the coupling for a certain shaft diameter. This offers an important economic saving.
    • High permissible additional loads for starting and short-circuit peak torque.
    • Highest gear accuracy and quality thanks to the production improvements obtained with new CNC gear cutting machines and automatic charge systems.
    • The design, manufacture, and sale of all Jaure's gear couplings and drive components are integrated into Jaure's Quality System. This is according to ISO 9001 and certified by DET NORSKE VERITAS (DNV).
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