Power Transmission Solutions for Marine and Offshore Oil & Gas
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The CENTAX-SEC coupling system offers flexibility, customization, and modular design for nearly any main propulsion system. Designed especially for internal combustion driven main and auxiliary drives, the components are configurable for multiple combinations, allowing efficient and fast customized solutions. The CENTAX-SEC coupling program protects your drive from torsional vibration, is able to compensate misalignment and damp vibration and noise, the CENTAX-SEC is a reliable system. The rubber-in-shear elements are torsionally and radially flexible, with three optional components to enhance angular and axial capabilities: membranes, links, and bushings, offering additional flexibility. The torsional elasticity of each application is fine-tuned by the customized components; shocks and vibration are effeciently damped, and noise levels are lowered. With precision-engineered features and flexibility, the CENTAX-SEC series offers the most multifaceted portfolio in the market.

    • Modular Design: Multiple combinations of the CENTAX-SEC components result in a modularity allowing efficient and fast customized solutions.
    • Rubber Elements: are torsionally and radially highly flexible. Combined with optional components each application gets the necessary flexibility in axial and angular direction.
    • Link Couplings: Are a combination of rubber elements with links for extreme high demand of misalignment capacity. For extremely soft mounted engines, shock stress applications and acoustic decoupling.
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