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Designed with outstanding kinematics, the CENTALINK torsionally stiff driveshaft provides reliable misalignment compensation and smooth operation. The links of the CENTALINK driveshaft are specially designed for push and pull, bolted together with flexible rubber bushes. Functioning together like the elbow and wrist of your arm, the unique, high-performance design compensates axial, radial, and angular misalignments while offering the utmost degree of electrical insulation and reduction of structure-born noise. The CENTALINK driveshaft protects your system from corrosion and ensures a significant reduction in noise transmission. Easy to install, the patented design ensures low maintenance costs over the life of the shaft. CENTALINK driveshafts are available in optional intermediate and specialty sizes, as well as a wide standard series; also available as a carbon-fiber or glass-fiber shaft design. For the ultimate in adaptability, durability, and proven reliability, the CENTALINK driveshaft is a dependable solution for many applications.

    • Links: each link features a cylindrical flexible bush ensuring considerable compensation of misalignments in any direction and noise reduction
    • Materials: Available in both carbon-fiber and glass-fiber configurations, giving the CENTALINK a wide range of uses.
    • Rubber bushes: All of the movement of the joints are absorbed by the rubber bushes – without relative movement of the metal and therefore free of wear.
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