Power Transmission Solutions for Marine and Offshore Oil & Gas


CENTASTART-V speed-controlled centrifugal clutches are adaptable to many systems, including marine and industrial applications. Torsional vibrations and impacts are damped, reducing wear on equipment. This means CENTASTART-V clutches are built to last even under harsh conditions. A combination of a highly flexible CENTAFLEX -A series rubber element subjected only to compressive stress, and several centrifugal weights with friction lining connected by tension springs make up the CENTASTART-V system, creating a thermally-resistant design with a precisely-determinable engaging speed. The CENTASTART-V allows soft engaging and slip-free power transmission when reaching engaging speed, protecting against overload. Available in many configurations, standard and special designs, with flywheel connections according to SAE, and for non-standard flywheels.

    • Long Lifetime: The friction lining is sufficiently dimensioned and made of highly abrasion resistant material. It guarantees constant friction values and lowest wear rates.
    • Centrifugal Clutch: a combination of a highly flexible rubber element and several centrifugal weights with friction lining connected by tension springs.
    • Highly Flexible Coupling: The integrated CENTAFLEX-A-coupling transmission and dampening of torsional vibration and can also be the compensating element for misalignment of any kind.
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