Periflex® N

The Stromag Periflex® Shaft Coupling is a Highly-Flexible Rubber-Fabric Coupling, particularly suitable for connecting two shafts in electric drives.
Due to the special design of the shaft tyre, the Periflex® Shaft Coupling is able to absorb extremely large displacements in every direction with low restoring forces, without noticeable wear and tear.

Stromag PNA 100R
    • Easy installation
    • Highly flexible with progressive spring characteristic
    • Transmits torque without backlash
    • Variations with clamping bush, brake drum and brake disc
    • Vabric inlay for absorbing high shock loads
    • Low mass moment of inertia
    • Large shaft displacements possible in any direction
    • ATEX certification
    • Radially mounted and dismantled rubber element without moving the machines
    Application Profiles
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