The CENTAFLEX Series R offers progressive torsional charcteristics with very low stiffness at low speed/torque, increasing to moderate stiffness at higher speed/torque. This simple, reliable roller insert coupling is suited for many heavy-duty marine and industrial drives, including most close coupled marine transmissions. The patented CENTAFLEX-R design shifts torsional resonance to prevent gear chatter and reduce vibration. Compressed rubber rollers between cams are highly engineered and backed by extensive testing, with no bonding. Made from temperature-resistant elastomeric materials, the couplings are suitable for enclosed housing mounting environments. Higher temperature-tolerant and oil-resistant rubber rollers are also available as an option. Suitable for blind fitting in bell housings, the design is an easy-to-maintain, economically sound solution.

    • Synthetic Rubber Rollers: A robust roller coupling design, ideal for housing mounted engine to gear drives, providing a very low stiffness at low torque which shifts the torsional resonance below idle speed and prevents gear chatter. Special “HD” roller material are available for heavy duty applications and higher temperatures (also improved oil resistant)
    • Precision cast aluminum inner and outer assemblies
    • Steel inner hub designed to suit the gear input shaft configuration; tapered, splined, and other shaft/flange configurations can be designed
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