The Safety Mono Caliper SHD1 is the smallest and the most compact of its range. Robust construction and simplicity of operation bring to this caliper a high reliability. It allows an easy mounting and maintenance, and insures maximum efficiency in the most severe environmental conditions.

The modular design of the SHD1 Caliper enables standardisation on multiple installations: availability in a large range of torque and possible association with different disc thicknesses and diameters. SHD1 Disc Brake integrate offshore protection in standard.

Stromag SHD1
    • Hydraulic Safety Disc Brake
    • Direct acting caliper
    • Braking by spring application
    • Short response time
    • Designed for 200,000 cycles
    • Compact and lightweight design
    • Strain absorbing system with column
    • Low temperature materials and marine protection
    • Thick linings - Organic or sintered lining pads
    • Options: indicators of opening, lining wear and temperature
    • SHD1L : caliper with manual wear compensation at half wear
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