AP Stromag SH5 Caliper Brake for Pipelay Vessel Reel Winch

February 9, 2023
Pipelay Vessel Reel

Pipelay Vessel Reel Winch

A global leader in the energy industry needed a replacement caliper braking solution for a cable reel winch on its pipelay vessel. With a normal operating dynamic top tension of 450 tons, the DP class 3 vessel is designed to handle subsea installation of reeled rigid pipe of up to 18” diameter. The subsea pipes connect offshore oil and gas wells and wind turbines to onshore pipelines and power grids.

The ship is also capable of installing flexible products, umbilicals, steel tube umbilicals and a variety of mid-line and end structures. Installed on one of the vessel’s large diameter cable reel winches, the brake provides emergency stopping and holding of the reel in the case of a power failure.

Stromag SH5 Caliper Brake

Stromag was selected to provide a reliable hydraulic caliper disc brake to meet the winch’s emergency and safety braking requirements. The Model SH5 springactuated, hydraulically-released brake supplied provides 51,300 N of braking force. The unit features an offshore protection package, lining wear indicators and opening proving switches. All SH Series brakes have DNV, ABS and Lloyd’s Register type approval certificates for oil and gas applications.