Stromag Modified 4BZFM Series for Ship Lift & Handling Systems

March 30, 2020

An Italian winch and gearbox manufacturer needed durable brakes for use on ship lift and handling systems installed at navy and commercial vessel new construction and repair yards.

A series of centrally-controlled, synchronized electrically-powered wire rope hoists, positioned along either side of specially-constructed lifting dock platforms, are utilized to raise and lower ships. Elaborate rail- or tire-based trolley transport/transfer systems move and position the vessels within the shipyard repair and/or assembly areas.

Stromag 4BZFM Series electromagnetic spring-applied double-face brakes were selected for the challenging dock side winch application. Seawater-proof 4BZFM brakes are specially designed for marine and offshore winch applications.

4BZFM size 16/13 brakes, with a static braking torque rating of 130 Nm, were supplied. The modified brakes feature a special mounting flange and radial cable. Installed on the winch’s gearbox, the brakes provide emergency stopping and parking functionality in case of power loss.

All steel components on the IP67-rated brakes feature special nitrocarburated and postoxidated surfaces to provide a high level of durability and protection against corrosion. The reliable, low inertia brakes are designed for easy motor mounting with no brake disassembly required. Braking does not generate any additional axial or radial forces. Units are highly serviceable and fully functional without cover.

Stromag Modified 4BZFM Series Brakes