Bauer Custom Geared Motor Drive Assembly for Gear Inspection Stand

June 6, 2016
Gear Inspection Stand

A leading global aerospace and defense OEM required a unique gear drive solution for use on a large gear inspection stand located in a clean room chamber. The 11 ft. diameter gears are used in state-of-the-art hybrid propulsion drives installed on US Navy warships. The gear drive rotates the massive gear at an extremely slow rate of 5 RPH, while a laser scans the gear teeth for imperfections.

Bauer engineers worked closely with the OEM to configure a custom gear drive solution consisting of standard catalog components to meet the challenging 15,000:1 reduction ratio requirement. The new, compact assembly utilizes a primary BK60Z drive and an intermediate BG10 drive.

The efficient Bauer geared motor solution uses 6 stages to reach the extreme reduction ratio, while most competitors would require at least 7 stages.

The integral gear motor was supplied with a built-on VDF that includes a programmable LCP controller. This feature allows the customer to program the inverter via the controller along with all the other basic control functionality.

Custom Geared Motor Drive Assembly