Industrial Clutch HC Clutches for Marine Gearboxes

April 6, 2012
Marine Oil Rig

Industrial Clutch has provided the Model HC clutch to one of the world’s largest offshore drilling contractors. Three HC units were installed in a multi-speed drawworks gearbox. The clutch is designed for use in marine applications including drawworks, winches and propulsion. HC models are drop-in replacements to competitive clutches.

The HC clutch features a unique, patented key seal that allows for the use of standard O-rings and improves the ease of installation in current configurations using a double keyway and single drilled actuation hole. This innovative key seal simplifies the sealing process and minimizes the possibility of damage to expensive seal arrangements.

All HC models feature forced oil-cooling provisions for high-energy engagements. Disc-Pac cores are designed using extra heavy plate thicknesses to maximize torque and heat capacity while minimizing spline wear to both the disc cores and hub. Hubs are manufactured from high quality alloy steel and include induction-hardened teeth for maximum spline life.

The HC is available in two styles. EWA model for oil immersed application and EDA units designed to run as dry friction clutches. All friction materials utilized are designed to provide high thermal and smooth engagement performance. Wet friction material used in the EWA style oil immersed units allows for the use of both EP (extended pressure) and vegetable-based oils. Due to increased environmental regulations, this capability is becoming a must for ship and rig operators worldwide.

Industrial HC Clutch